Hey there! It's Lexie again.

I was born into an engineering family and received classical design training starting in 2012. While I occasionally dabbled in experimental art until 2017, I couldn't ignore my deep passion for working with the tools used in complex engineering environments. I wanted to leverage my expertise to bring a sense of fun to the intricate world that my grandparents and dad inhabited. This is where the idea of 'design to bring clarity to complexity' took root.

Now, as a product designer, I've successfully helped business improved the experience they deliver on a larger scale. That small wish of mine now has grown into a positive impact on my users, who are also someone else's grandparents and dad.

Overall, life is to experience.

I'd like to share how I practice it with you.

I teach to give back

I write to reflect

To be continued...

Thank you for visiting my website.